Coming to shape :-)

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Welcome to my small site!
I'm an amateur photographer, or at least that is what I call myself. Others say semi-profesional or something like that 🙂
But I'm allways profesional in what I'm doing.

Over the years I have taken photos of beautiful and sweet models and I thought it is time to show some of my work.
Here you will find some nice photos, glamour, portraits and so on but also more erotic and what others would refere to
as pornographic and some POV also.
Yeah yeah, I'm The Bad Uncle 😉

I also like to work with the natural light but sometimes I have to use studio flashes.
You will not find any pictures of what others call "plastic girls" in perfect settings.
I do not like that myself and it takes a lot of editing also.
The models are also doing their own make up so they are pretty much natural, as they look most of the time 🙂

I will also NOT write stuff like other webpages write like: She is a horny young bla bla bla and likes to get filled by bla bla bla 🙂
But there will some more personal stuff from my perspective and maybe som fun stuff that happened during the session with the model 🙂
Like the farting model or the model that screamed rape from the roof top terrace 😉

So now you are aware of the nudity and the sexual environment that you are about to enter 😉
Also, all models are over 18 and so must you yourself be to register, which I hope that you do, models cost money 😉

I have the copyright to all pics and the rights to publish them.

Have fun! 😉